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The Outdoors Club’s mission is to provide its members with activities that educate, and make them aware of the need for conservation/preservation while encouraging healthy exercise by walking and hiking in the outdoors. Members are encouraged to develop outdoor skills and are given the opportunity to visit new places. The Club is a member of the NY-NJ Trail Conference.

The Club engages in educational tours, city walks, and nature hikes of varying difficulty. Open to all adults 18 and over, outings occur all-year, usually during the weekends. We hike/walk around the New York City area, and nearby areas in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. All activities are accessible by public transportation.

We hike in parks, the greenbelt, city streets, nature preserves, gardens, and the aqueduct. We go bird watching, and to museums, restaurants and concerts. Our city walks may provide educational information about the history of a neighborhood. For instance, on our walks through Williamsburg our members will see its transition from a rundown waterfront area to a luxury one.

Individual participants are expected to engage in activities suitable to their ability, experience and physical condition. Leaders may refuse to take anyone who lacks ability or is not properly dressed or equipped. These precautions are for your safety and the well-being of the group. Your participation is voluntary and at your own risk. Remember to bring lunch and water on all full day activities. Read the description carefully, and follow its directions. If unsure what to wear or bring with you on an activity, contact the leader directly.

How to Contact Us
For general inquiries, suggestions or notifications, email us at outdoorsclubny@yahoo.com. or send us mail at PO Box 227, New York, NY 10021.


The Club is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) 100% volunteer-run organization. Membership dues are used to pay for basic expenses such as Meetup, website, PO Box, and schedule printing.

Members pay dues every two years. One year dues are at a higher rate. Nonmembers pay a one-time fee of $5 per event. Membership benefits: great value (join unlimited number of outings), more convenient (no more per-event fee), receive newsletters with outing schedule in advance, access to Member Only outings, support Outdoors Club’s mission.

The Wanderings newsletter published twice a year is distributed only to members. You'll also find many of our events on our Meetup page www.meetup.com/outdoorsclubny/. The Outdoors Club Google Groups emails are also send to members only, created to notify of outing cancellations, changes, and impromptu events not published in the schedule. Some hike leaders promote their hikes to members via Google Groups exclusively. We’d need your email address for you to receive these emails.


At the 2021 Annual Meeting, the following were elected to their respective positions:
Sarina Meones, President
Devra Zetlan, Secretary
Ying Shiau, Treasurer

Sarina Meones - I am a Hike Leader, Dancer, Artist and Social Event Organizer. I speak 4 languages and have interests in Ethnic Food and Culture. My recent walks include Visits to Art Galleries and Walks, of varying distance, including the three NY Chinatowns, Red Hook, Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn among other parts of the city, with occasional trips to Pennsylvania and NJ.

Devra Zetlan - I’m a retired reference librarian who, for many years, had been immersed in materials relating to the history, government and built environment of New York City. A pet project - overseeing the maintenance of citywide neighborhood files - spurred my interest in actually getting to see many of these interesting places I knew only through text and image. Since 1995, I’ve been leading a variety of city walks in every borough, with an occasional foray into Jersey City and Hoboken.

Ying Shiau is responsible for tracking the Club's cash flow, paying bills, preparing financial reports, and monitoring key metrics. She also maintains the Club's membership lists and retains key documents. Ying seeks to contribute to the smooth management of the Club and participate in solving issues and making improvements. Outside of her treasurer duties, she takes long walks, visits museums, travels and skis.


The Club received its Certificate of Incorporation from the State of New York on November 20, 1978. The Club’s initial directors were Alan Kaye, Dorothy Lovitz, and Roger Coco.

Dorothy Lovitz served as secretary until 1995 when she retired as president, editor of the newsletter, and hike leader. She passed away on March 11, 2004. She will always be remembered for her leadership and communication abilities, and her wonderful city walks where she shared her knowledge of New York City history with us.

Alan Kaye served as a director for twenty-seven years. He was treasurer and then president. His passing on September 15, 2005 has left a void. He will always be remembered for his vast knowledge of the outdoors, his leadership, his enthusiastic sharing of botany and nature with everyone on his walks, and his ability to get along with people.


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