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            The Club received its Certificate of Incorporation from the State of New York on November 20th, 1978 as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) volunteer run organization.  Its initial directors were Alan Kaye, Dorothy Lovitz, and Roger Coco.  Roger Coco was the first president, Dorothy Lovitz the secretary, and Alan Kaye the treasurer.

            Dorothy Lovitz served as secretary until 1995 when she retired as president, editor of the newsletter, and hike leader.  She passed away on March 11, 2004.  She will always be remembered for her leadership and communication abilities, and her wonderful city walks where she shared her knowledge of New York City history with us.

            Alan Kaye served as a director for twenty-seven years.  He was the treasurer and then the president.  His passing on September 15, 2005 has left a void.  He will always be remembered for his vast knowledge of the outdoors, his leadership, his enthusiastic sharing of botany and nature with everyone on his walks, and his ability to get along with people.

Roger Coco is alive and well but no longer participates in the Outdoors Club.  He is still active in outdoor activities, and with other organizations.  Roger was instrumental in keeping the Club functioning after Alan’s death.  The Club owes him for its existence today as well as in the past.


            Helen Mangione-Yee has been the president since 2005, and co-president since 2015. Helen is interested in architecture, preservation, conservation, enjoys leading easy hikes and city walks, and working with the editors on the newsletter. Her management background has helped her to run the Club with the help of Marie Liverpool and the other directors, volunteers and members.

            Marie Liverpool has been the co-president since 2015. She has many interests, and is an active member of her congregation, runs a day camp during the summer, and is a strong supporter and promoter of conservation issues. She works with the other directors to solve problems, distribute the schedule, and helps members with Club matters.

            Ray Lin has been the vice president since 2005, and is our new webmaster.  Ray has computerized the membership records, setup our new website, and his leadership has enabled us to move forward and grow.  He has put us in the 21st century!  His feedback on issues that affect the Club has been invaluable.       

            Alfred McKee has been the treasurer since 2010. Al shares the responsibility to maintain the financial records, prepares and submits financial statements to the government, and deals with related maters when they arise. Al says that: "I found the Outdoors Club activities that I participated over the past several years personally rewarding and they seemed meaningful to the other participants. The varied and interesting activities were provided to the members of the Club at a nominal charge because its leaders were willing to share their interests and talents. I applied for the vacant position of Treasurer because I felt I could make a modest contribution to the success of the Outdoors Club in that role because I have a college accounting degree, and recently retired after working for the past 23 years as a property manager at a New Jersey Bank."

            Craig Nunn has been the secretary since 2011.  Craig records the minutes at meetings, and is the Club’s communication spokesman.  He was instrumental in implementing the Outdoors Yahoo Group!, that is used to send email notices to members. Craig is a retired chemist who likes to walk just about everywhere, but mostly leads long urban hikes often focusing on the infrastructure and industrial heritage of NYC and northern New Jersey.



            The Outdoors Club’s mission is to provide its members with activities that educate, and make them aware of the need for conservation/preservation while encouraging healthy exercise by walking and hiking in the outdoors.

            Some of the outings offer members an education in geology, botany, and history.  Members are encouraged to develop outdoor skills, and are given the opportunity to visit new places.  We hike in parks, the greenbelt, city streets, nature preserves, gardens, and the aqueduct.  We go bird watching, and to museums, restaurants and concerts.

            Our city walks may provide educational information about the history of a neighborhood.  For instance, on our walks through Williamsburg our members will be seeing its transition from a rundown waterfront area to a luxury one.

The Outdoors Club Inc. provides information about its outings to the general public, companies, and organizations, and supports conservation groups, public parks, nature centers etc.  Currently we will be participating in the New York Public Library’s Fun and Fitness Fair this year.


            The Outdoors Club Inc. was established and chartered in 1978 in New York, NY, and is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) volunteer run organization open to all adults 18 and over which engages in hiking, biking, wilderness trekking, canoeing, mountaineering, snowshoeing and skiing, nature and educational city walking tours of varying difficulty.  We currently have 500 members and volunteers.  We publish a newsletter with outings every four-months (March-June, July-October, and November-February). 

            Members pay dues every two years.  However, one year dues are available at a higher rate.  Some leaders will be asking members for proof of membership so please carry your membership card or Wanderings newsletter on outings (the expiration date is on the top line of your mailing label).  Nonmembers pay one-day membership dues of $3.  Membership dues are used to pay for postage, printing, office supplies, etc.

Outings are free to members but they must pay transportation costs and admission charges.  They are scheduled all-year during the week and on weekends.  Mostly all activities are accessible by public transportation.  We hike/walk around the New York City area, and nearby areas in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. 

            Individual participants are expected to engage in activities suitable to their ability, experience and physical condition.  Leaders may refuse to take anyone who lacks ability or is not properly dressed or equipped.  These precautions are for your safety and the well being of the group.  Your participation is voluntary and at your own risk.  Remember to bring lunch and water on all full day activities.  Read the description carefully, and follow its directions.  If unsure what to wear or bring with you on an activity telephone the leader. 

            INQUIRIES, COMPLAINTS AND SUGGESTIONS – Mail to the post office box, call Lenny Morgenstern at 917-842-9490 or send an e-mail to hbmanyee@yahoo.com.  If you do not receive your NEW schedule by the last week before it expires, please call Lenny at 917-842-9490 or send an email to hbmanyee@yahoo.com.

            The Outdoors Club Yahoo Group! is available to MEMBERS ONLY, and has been created to notify members via email of outing cancellations, changes, and impromptu outings not published in the schedule.  Some leaders are no longer publishing but using the Yahoo Group exclusively.  We must have your email address for you to receive noticesIf you did not submit it please email to hbmanyee@yahoo.com


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